10 Must Visit Tourist Destinations in Indonesia

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Mountains or beaches, cities or villages, Indonesia has hundreds of aesthetic and unique locations to explore. The wealth of habits and natural beauty of Indonesia which is booming usually creates confused tourists to judge where to go. One solution is to explore one of the very good locations in Indonesia, which is definitely not to be missed. Well, this time we will submit a number of tourist destinations in Indonesia, dubbed 10 New Bali, must be visited once in a lifetime. What are you doing? Let’s look at the writing below!

  1. Raja Ampat, Papua

Who does not want to go to Raja Ampat? This place that has beauty like paradise presents the most beautiful views of the island and underwater. The natural beauty of the islands contained in Irian Island is indeed second to none, with the unique beauty of a tropical island, exotic coral clusters, white sandy beaches and clear turquoise sea water. No wonder if Raja Ampat is declared as the best spot for snorkeling and diving. Its waters have 75% of the world’s marine species. Not to mention the many marine biota that is not the most diverse. Raja Ampat is indeed home to 540 types of corals, 1,511 species of fish, and 700 types of mollusks. The wealth of this biota has made Raja Ampat as a living library of a collection of coral reefs and marine biota in various parts of the world.

  1. Bali

Although perceived to be mainstream, the island of Bali still occupies tourist destinations that must be visited in the world. The charm of the Island of the Gods is indeed like there is no end. The beauty of its natural panorama is combined with the beauty of the habits and daily lives of its unique people. Only by going on foot down the streets on the outskirts of Bali, or feel the sunset on the beach it feels the most enjoyable.

  1. Lake Toba, North Sumatra

The beauty of the lake found in North Sumatra is indeed no match. The refreshing cool atmosphere, the stretch of clear blue water and the panoramic view of the green mountains that are full of attraction are just a few of the largest lake images in Southeast Asia which are 900 meters above sea level. During Lake Toba, there is a beautiful and beautiful pine forest. In addition, there are also a number of aesthetic and soothing waterfalls. In addition to the lake view which is the charm of tourists, Samosir Island which is in the middle of the lake also becomes its own charm. This island has Lake Sidihoni, waterfalls, clear rivers and even the most friendly Batak countryside in welcoming tourists.

  1. Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara

Not excessive if Flores has been named an island with a million charms. Imagine, the best tourism objects that Indonesia has are on this island. Miracles seemed to be present from under the sea to the top of the mountain. Nowadays, not a few tourists only know Labuan Bajo, then it leads to traffic to the islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar. Even though there are still different tourist sites to the east of the Komodo National Park.

  1. Tana Toraja

The natural beauty that is in South Sulawesi is extraordinary, with rows of mountains, valleys, fields and verdant hills. Villages with a row of traditional Tongkonan residences are characteristic of this region. All these natural attractions are wrapped in a magical state which is the main charm of Tana Toraja which is still maintained until now. The funeral is one of the charms that we must witness if we have the opportunity to visit Tana Toraja. The ceremony, which has the name Rambu Solo, is held for days at a cost that is not small. One of the rituals carried out is to slaughter a buffalo. The higher the caste of the deceased, the less buffalo will be sacrificed.

  1. Lombok

The neighboring island of Bali and East Nusa Tenggara has a million natural attractions and cultural richness. Call it Mount Rinjani, the Lombok icon which has an elevation of more than 3,700m above sea level. The second highest volcano in Indonesia is the favorite of all climbers, because the view from the summit is the most amazing. In addition, Lombok also has not a few beautiful and charming beaches, besides the famous Senggigi Beach. Call it Kuta Beach Lombok, Sire Beach, Gili Trawangan and Gili Air.

  1. Derawan Islands

The Derawan Islands are like gems in East Kalimantan. This perfect tropical paradise has 28 diving spots. Amazingly, Derawan Marine Park occupies the world’s top three for international-standard diving destinations. Underwater beauty near Derawan Island, Kakaban, Sangalaki and Maratua is undeniable. In addition to beautiful beaches, the waters are also rich in biodiversity. How not, here we can find 460 types of coral reefs and for 832 species of fish. There are many unique species and fortified species such as coconut, whale, giant clam or clam, dolphin, green turtle, hawksbill and dugong fish. Other interesting species that can be witnessed are manta rays and pigmy seahorse. In addition, Kakaban Island has an interesting natural phenomenon in the form of an ancient lake containing jellyfish without sting. Don’t miss the opportunity to snorkel amid millions of jungle jellyfish against the blue background of the water.

  1. Mount Bromo

Do not be like ourselves true traveler if not yet come to this aesthetic mountain. By climbing the peak, we will be amazed when watching the magnificent view of the sun coming out between the blurred shadows set in the mountains. Its spectacular beauty creates tourists who visit it will be amazed. Mount Bromo which stands in Tengger Semeru National Park is also very interesting with the existence of a stretch of sea sand covering an area of ​​5,250 hectares at an elevation of 3,292 m above sea level.

  1. Bunaken National Marine Park

Bunaken is a national park that is at the tip of the northern element of Sulawesi Island. The most familiar marine park to foreign countries save the panoramic beauty of 390 species of coral, so many species such as sharks, mandarin fish, stingrays, seahorses, turtles, marine mammals like mermaids and mollusks. The most familiar Bunaken dwellers are ancient sea king fish or coelacanths that have existed since prehistoric times. Bunaken Marine Park has 20 dive spots with various depths up to 1,344 meters. One of the most beautiful views in the Bunaken Marine Park is the underwater great walls which are the source of life for the fish in these waters.

  1. Yogyakarta City

Malioboro and Beringharjo Market will spoil us who are fond of buying cheap goods. In addition to cultural tourism, Jogja has the beauty of natural attractions that are waiting to be explored. Beaches in the Gunung Kidul district are like Siung Beach, Jogan or Nglambor which offer exotic panoramas. There are so many tourist sites that must be visited in the city of Yogyakarta.


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